21 - 22 March 2017 | Swissotel Sydney, NSW Australia

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Fast Track Your Attendance

Want to fast track your registration to the Regional Airport Development Conference? It's easy - just download, fill out this form and send it to registration@iqpc.com.au

Case Studies

Essendon Fields Airport: Attracting Investment and Strengthening Community Relationships Through Land-side Development

Ahead of the Regional Airport Development 2017 we spoke to Phil Gregory, Aviation Business Development and Compliance Manager at Essendon Fields Airport. Phil discusses how Essendon has attracted investment through land-side developments and how they have successfully negotiated community opposition to gain local support for the development and extension of the aerodrome. 

How the City of Busselton Secured a $60 Million Investment & Rebranded to Attract Tourism

Ahead of Regional Airport Development 2017 we spoke to Naomi Searle, Director of Community and Commercial Services for the City of Busselton in Western Australia. Naomi discusses how Busselton successfully secured a $60 million investment from the Federal Government and explores Busselton Airport’s rebranding which has helped drive domestic tourism to the region

Encouraging Economic Growth with Airport Expansion and Landside Developments

Ahead of Regional Airport Development 2017 we spoke to Chris Devitt, Director of Technical Services at Orange City Council, in Orange, NSW. Chris discusses how Orange has successfully secured over $150 million in investments from the Federal Government and explores Orange’s new focus on landside developments that will ensure continued economic growth for the region.


Redeveloping Master Plan to Explore opportunities to develop the Horn Island Airport

In this presentation, Bill Cuthbertson, Director of Engineering and Infrastructure Services, Torres Shire Council, discusses how the airport is able to generate revenue through redeveloping their master plan to Explore opportunities to develop the Horn Island Airport.

Emerald Airport Redevelopment Project: Keeping Up With Growth

David Voss, Manager Airport of Central Highlands Regional Council provides insight into the processes and experiences of the Emerald Airport Redevelopment Project.

A New Era of Regional Route Development

In this presentation, Hans Mitterlechner, Director, Three Consulting, presents on the recent regional route development activities, a look at active airlines, a look at active airports and what does it take to get a slice of the action.

The Changing Nature of Air Services to New Zealand’s Regional Airports

New Zealand’s regional aviation industry is in a period of rapid change. Kevin Ward, CEO, New Zealand Airports Association covers The implications of Air NZ’s withdrawal of regional airline services, The challenges for airports and councils associated with maintaining air links and selecting alternative regional airlines and much more.

A new era for Port Hedland: Port Hedland International Airport privatisation

Port Hedland International Airport is the gateway to Western Australia’s North West and the strongly growing Pilbara region. Malcolm Osborne, CEO, Town of Port Hedland discusses the Privatisation to Remove Operational Responsibility from the Town and Set up a Wealth Fund for Future Community Benefit.

Optimising cash flow by building on available assets

At the last conference, Dennis Chant, MD, Queensland Airports Ltd, discussed how the Australian airport governance model is designed and how airport management must achieve the right balancing act. In this presentation, you can read more about core business investments, development of the Gold Coast Airport LCCT Project and non-aviation revenue generation.

Managing regional boom opportunities and unpredictable growth

In this presentation, Cameron O'Neill, Specialist at Roma Airport, explored initiatives to deliver infrastructure upgrades in an unsustainable and unpredictable growth climate, and creating and maintaining a sustainable capital positive bottom line.

From paddocks to planes: Australia’s newest airport Wellcamp Airport

Phil Gregory, Airport Manager, Wellcamp Airport, addressed commercial developments at one of Australia's most progressive regional airports, focusing in particular on the 500-hectare business park that incorporates a public airport.


Commercialising your regional airport: Lessons from Mildura

Australia’s regional airports have always had a unique role to play in commercial markets – be it for resources, tourism or agriculture. But in the wake of reduced government funding sources and aging infrastructure, airports are now tasked with making the most of available resources to maintain assets and remain competitive. Bill Burke, CEO of Mildura Airport, discusses he and his team are managing the commercial viability of the airport.

Air NZ’s withdrawal from regional routes – How airports will manage commercial growth

New Zealand's regional aviation industry is in a state of uncharacteristic change. Air NZ has withdrawn from several regular routes, providing smaller airlines an opportunity to introduce new services. Kevin Ward, Chief Executive, NZ Airports, discusses how the implications of Air NZ’s withdrawal corresponds to efforts for regional airports and councils to maintain air links, as well as funding infrastructure to remain viable over the longer term.

Project update – Managing regional airport growth at Coffs Harbour, Archerfield and NZ

The scope for commercial development is widening, and more regional airports are channelling efforts to make the most of available revenue streams and infrastructure planning. Ahead of Regional Airport Development 2016, we caught up with specialists from Coffs Harbour Regional Airport, Archerfield Airport Corporation and NZ Airports, to find out how some of the latest developments correspond to supporting commercial growth and performance over the long term.