21 - 22 March 2017 | Swissotel Sydney, NSW Australia

Paul Bredereck

Managing Director

09:50 PANEL DISCUSSION: Panel Discussion and Q A: How can Airports be More Attractive to Airlines?

This panel will have an in-depth discussion on the ways in which airports can sustain long-term relationships with airlines, as well as the types of things airports can do to attract new airlines. It will also open the floor to all attendees to ask questions. Questions will include but are not limited to:
  • What facilities are must-have/incredibly appealing to airports?
  • What might airlines be willing to invest in if they see a growth opportunity?
  • What are some red-flags that an airport isn’t worth doing business with?
  • What do airports need to provide airlines in order to open the possibility for new route development?

23:40 CASE STUDY: Understanding the Strategies of JetGo’s Airline Services and its Growth Plan

JetGo provides a vital regular public transport network and charters flights to provide for fly-in/flyout workforces that services nine destinations across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. It also recently acquired an Embraer regional jet in order to run greater long-distance routes. This session will discuss:
  • How the airline has managed to compensate for a lack in demand of the fly-in/fly-out workforce following a slump in the resources boom
  • Reviewing JetGo’s services as a reflection of supply and demand and thus understanding how it makes route development decisions
  • An analysis of JetGo’s current growth plan and an overview of how regional airports can appeal to it

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Paul.

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