21 - 22 March 2017 | Swissotel Sydney, NSW Australia

Chris Devitt

Director Technical Services
Orange City Council

15:00 Workshop C: Managing Landside Development to Benefit both Airport and Community

Landside development is as useful to communities as it is to airports and can greatly increase the revenue, labour force and resources of both. However sustainable innovation of commercial airport real estate is about selectively developing lands, and not just about creating the quickest return on investment. As such, it’s important to understand the key drivers of community growth and adjust landside development accordingly.

This session will include but not be limited to:
  • A review of the airport city model as a guide to how regional airports can emulate larger city airport’s for regional development
  • Engaging with retailers, tourist providers, emergency services, and advertisers in order to best select the most appropriate developments for the airport and community
  • Updating landside infrastructure in order to accommodate tourism and future growth in the region
  • Strategies for local council and airport managers to work together in order to best develop landside opportunities and include the regional community

14:00 CASE STUDY: Reviewing the Return on Investment for Orange’s Recent Airport Expansion

Orange airport carries between 55 000 and 60 000 passengers per year and 25 return flights per week. At the end of 2015, Orange Airport completed a $19 million expansion with the use of Federal, State and Local Council funding. Recently, Orange City Council has proposed to continue development and create a Business Park around the airport. This case study will review:
  • The process behind appealing to sate and federal governments to receive funding
  • How updating particular terminal facilities, such as, check-in desk, baggage carousel, nearby parking lot, and coffee shop, has improved customer opinion
  • How stakeholder engagement assisted in the previous re-development process and how it’s expected to support future development
  • Plans for the future Business Park and how it’s expected to improve revenue

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