21 - 22 March 2017 | Swissotel Sydney, NSW Australia

Pre-Conference Workshop: Monday, 20 March 2017

09:00 - 12:00 Workshop A: What Local Councils Need to Know during Regional Airport Re-Development

Robert Evans - CEO Nelson Airport NZ
When airports are undertaking re-development it’s important that both the council and the community are involved with the development process. This is in order to ensure that all stakeholders have a thorough understanding of the progression and outcomes that the airport will experience. This session will be beneficial to any council member that wants to learn more about airport re-development or any airport manager who is tasked with having to explain airport operations to council members.

It will include but not be limited to:
  • A rundown of the challenges and processes that councillors tend to have the most difficulty understanding about airport operations
  • Tactics for keeping explanations easy to understand and nontechnical for councillors and stakeholders who don’t have a background in aviation
  • Strategies for keeping communication open between councillors and airport managers
  • How airport managers and local council can work together to keep the community informed and supportive

Robert Evans

Nelson Airport NZ

12:00 - 15:00 Workshop B: Weathering Boom and Bust: Financial Management for Airports

This workshop is as much for airport managers and operators as it is for councillors to understand the key fiscal pain- points of airports and where big investments matter. One of the key detriments to an airport’s financial security is not enough of a reserve to buffer against unforseen circumstances and economic slumps. Moreover, when an airport is able to save enough money, it’s important to conduct the appropriate asset analysis in order to determine where key segments of the airport require updating or maintenance.

It will include but not be limited to:
  • Increase customer satisfaction through updating customer-perceived problem-points
  • Receive thorough analysis of facilities to justify their need for improvement , e.g. Runway Length Analysis
  • Evaluate the land use within each Runway Protection Zone to ensure best use of air-side space
  • More than just cost-benefit analysis: strategically updating facilities to improve returns on investment

15:00 - 23:59 Workshop C: Managing Landside Development to Benefit both Airport and Community

Chris Devitt - Director Technical Services Orange City Council
Landside development is as useful to communities as it is to airports and can greatly increase the revenue, labour force and resources of both. However sustainable innovation of commercial airport real estate is about selectively developing lands, and not just about creating the quickest return on investment. As such, it’s important to understand the key drivers of community growth and adjust landside development accordingly.

This session will include but not be limited to:
  • A review of the airport city model as a guide to how regional airports can emulate larger city airport’s for regional development
  • Engaging with retailers, tourist providers, emergency services, and advertisers in order to best select the most appropriate developments for the airport and community
  • Updating landside infrastructure in order to accommodate tourism and future growth in the region
  • Strategies for local council and airport managers to work together in order to best develop landside opportunities and include the regional community

Chris Devitt

Director Technical Services
Orange City Council